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In 2005 Russian companies produced approximately 470 196 000 metric tons of crude oil. The volume of further processed raw material into final products was approximately 206 836 000 metric tons.

During 2005 the approximate breakdown into products constituted the following:

Gasoline 31 955 400 metric tons
Gas Oil 59 973 100 metric tons
Fuel Oil (mazut) 56 437 600 metric trons
Jet fuel 8 200 000 metric tons

In 2005 Ukrainian production of crude oil was approximately 3 578 000 metric tons. Due to imported raw materials the further processed crude into final product constituited 18,234,000 metric tons.

Soliara (Gas Oil)
Jet Fuel


Ukraine has the largest deposits of iron ore in the world. The estimated reserves of iron ore deposits are reaching as much as 70 billion metric tons. Of this amount Ukrainian industry consumes 70 million tons. At this rate the reserves are good for next 1000 years. During 2005 Ukraine exported approximately 20 million metric tons of iron ore, while domestic consumption was 50 million tons. The traditional markets for Ukrainian iron ore are the countries of Europe and other.

Russia is one of the largest iron ore mining countries as well as user for steel production. The overall economic potential of this sector is 20,6 billion metric tons while utilization of iron ore for production of steel ranges around 93 million metric tons per year.

Iron Ore
Enriched Iron Ore


Russian companies have mined a total of 296 204 000 metric tons of coal. The total delivery of coal in the same year was 274 823 700 metric tons, of this number the exports amounted to 76 717 700 metric tons.

Ukrainian coal extraction in the year 2005 was approximately 78 004 000 metric tons of which 57 823 700 metric tons were delivered. Export amounted to 2 902 700 metric tons.

Energy Coal
Coking Coal


There are approximately 500 research and development institutions in Ukraine. Ukrainian research centers possess above average scientific base which is bolstering the reduction of risk and qualitative output of any developmental and manufacturing project with an intense labor percentage.
Proposed projects, when executed in Ukraine, do compete successfully on work markets. These are the characteristics that ever more attract the attention to the excellent opportunities offered by the Ukrainian scientific and manufacturing entities. The educational basis of the population has hardly a parallel in the world.

JSC Kakhovka Plant of Electric Welding Equipment...
Kyiv Institute of Automation...
Novokramatorsky Machinebuilding Plant…


Ukraine and Russia have long been the centers of basic research in pure scientific sense. Such environment is highly conducive to applied research discipline. As the result many discoveries have materialized in ingenious processes and inventions that have been applied in the industrial field creating new products as well as to improve the economies of the mature technologies. Our company offers:

  • Technology transfer turnkey projects
  • Research and development contracts
  • Research and development joint ventures
  • Technology consulting
  • Know how development and transfer
  • University links and cooperation
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